Solo projest “Come as u are”

DIM, Belgrade, Serbia

Curator: Teodora Jeremić

Starting from mythologized representation of an ideal relationship, emotional concrescence and unification to one emotional being, Come As You Are brings emotions, boundaries, and closeness into question. By manipulating and overlapping plans of the fictitious, virtual and real, and exam-ining them, exhibition addresses the role of the individual emotional self in all these dimensions and consequential expectations.
By constructing a controlled, noiseless, artificial universe (a non-existent scenery that hosts an idea of an equally unrealistic relationship) which is placed within real club, as a punctum of con-temporary connections, a virtual the narrative of the “ideal” relationship is being created with its potential for paradoxes amplified. Reflecting on the myth of predestined ideal partner, Come As You Are examines the possibility of existence of such a relationship, but also its sustainability and survival in the real world where the idea of an ideal anything turns out to be disturbingly unsta-ble. The collision of real life (and all its realities) with an ideal scenario we hoped for, share the same bewilderment, and a somewhat bitter taste of failure and disappointment, like the one we have after leaving the club. After a long night filled with hopes, coming to the light of the day is not pleasurable, night didn’t bring any solutions, just the magic is lost. But, this collision with the Real is not as traumatic as one would have thought, but rather adaptive, and somewhat going opposite direction, more like coming from light to darkened place where we feel blinded by total darkness at first, but slowly we come to see perfectly well.
Installation “Come As You Are” is dealing with contrasting, moving, doubling of emotions and self, and wonders: if the person is in a constant pursuit for ideal “other half”, but also changing in that process, does that change means betraying personal original expectations, or it is just a neces-sary modification and adaptation to individual, social, and cultural shifts? If one-dimensional concept of “one”, “true” love is in the real world replaced with polyphonic structure made of fear, jealousy, obsession, attraction, hurt, vanity, reliance and all other emotions that are far from “perfect” as well as possibilities of open-relatonships, sexual fluidity, polyamory, than idea of ideal self as well as ideal partner, is being ultimately challenged.
Bodies presented in video installations are human-like, but completely impersonal, faceless, de-materialized, neutral. We can not label them as anything, nor name them as “male” or “female” bodies. They don’t have gender, neither any specificity to categorize them by. We don not know what they are, even less, what they could become. They simply are. Truncated, flawed, phallic, imperfect, and as such they are pressed into one another, forming a unique “one from two”, The Ideal by no means far from ideal and Come As You Are, actually offers a possibility. Maybe nowadays “ideal” is not what are we striving for anymore. Maybe individual “imperfections”, inconsistencies, fickleness are the new criteria in which we recognize ourselves and in their ac-ceptance lies the ultimate beauty.
Teodora Jeremić