Group exhibition “Terrestrial Oddities”

Galerie der HBKsaar, Saarbrücken, Germany

Exhibitors: Marija Avramović, Gorana Bacevac, Nadežda Kircanski, Slavica Obradović, Martina Petrović, Darko Vukić

Curator: Bogdan Obradović

The exhibition terrestrial oddities represents a collaboration between seven young artists, all of whom have studied at FLU Beograd. In the preparation for the exhibition at the Galery of HBKsaar, they have spend three weeks in Saarbrücken and Völklingen, living and working together, collaborating, discussing and cross-contaminating their artistic practices. Although their individual approaches are very diverse, a common dialogue manifests itself through terrestrial oddities: the navigation of the human identity in our unstable era which struggles to fabulate its own pasts, presents and futures. In this era, named as variously as Anthropocene, Alienocene, Gynocene, Chthulucene and many other Cenes, the human is diversely constructed and re-constructed as individual egoistic conciousness, genetical algorithm, hypermediated virtual presense or simply a fleshy biophysical anomaly.